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Client Oriented Political Counsel


Extensive History Developing Client Priorities Efficiently and Innovatively to Accomplish Goals Successfully



  • Defense Installations & Economic Development

  • State & Local Governments

  • Associations & Coalitions

  • Business Consortiums

  • Domestic Corporations

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Federal Facilities & Community Development

  • Veterans Affairs

Strategic Method


  • Conduct Organizational Review

  • Identify Requirements and Objectives

  • Develop Projects and Recommendations to Meet Needs

  • Create Strategic Communication and Implementation Plans

  • Execute Strategy

  • Provide Lobbying and Government Affairs Counsel



Madison Government Affairs Team



"MGA has been critical in opening doors for our community, and in highlighting the importance of Laughlin AFB to our nation.”  - Blanca Larson, President & CEO of Del Rio Chamber of Commerce

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Paul Hirsch
Jack Hession
Senior Vice President
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