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Madison Government Affairs (MGA) is a Washington, DC based full-service government relations firm located on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.


Since our inception in 1996, MGA has provided experienced government relations representation to clients throughout the United States. The MGA team has the knowledge and depth of experience in the representation of public and private institutions with years of expertise in areas of congressional, executive branch and regulatory affairs. MGA provides specific knowledge and experience with congressional and executive branch strategy development, local government representation, economic development, community and business coalition development, and project/program identification.


We provide the highest level of individualized service and work with a client to establish a relationship that is based on a shared commitment to achieving mutually agreed upon goals and objectives.

A basic principle of MGA is that the client, with our assistance and experience, can best represent their interests in Washington, DC. We provide the strategies, assist in the execution of the plan and educate the client as to how to achieve the agreed upon goals and objectives.



Our approach is to fully understand your strengths, weaknesses, organization and commitments. By taking the time to fully understand your organization, we are confident that we can craft an effective strategy and be successful in its execution to accomplish your goals. The development of this strategy and its execution is accomplished with the involvement of the client, with no set rules of engagement. Our mission is to do all within our power to achieve your goals and objectives through collective access.

We believe that those intimately involved in the day-to-day operations have the best knowledge and understanding of the issues at hand. 

Therefore, a major tenet of the organization is the belief that the client can best articulate the issue as well as the remedy. With the assistance of MGA, the issue and remedy can be packaged with the proper strategy to ensure success.  


Over the last decade, the approach to affecting both the congressional and executive branch decision making process has changed dramatically. It is critical that the client is fully engaged in the process so that a "team approach" is created. Your involvement, coupled with Madison Government Affairs access, experience, expertise and understanding of the Washington environment, ensures success.

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