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Paul J. Hirsch - President


Paul J. Hirsch has over 35 years of public and private-sector experience. His public sector expertise is in the areas of congressional relations, federal installation management and real estate at both the corporate and field levels of the Federal government. His private-sector experience includes working with Congress, the Executive Branch and state and local governments in the area of economic development, defense facility enhancement, technology, and public policy issues.


In addition to his general lobbying activities on behalf of public and private-sector clients, Mr. Hirsch has spent the last seventeen years working in the area of defense downsizing and is known as one of Washington’s leading experts on BRAC. He was the Director of Review and Analysis for the 1991 Base Closure and Realignment Commission. He directed the analysis effort of the 30-person technical research activity. The technical analysis effort was the foundation by which the Commission adjudicated the Department of Defense proposed closures as well as prepare final recommendations to the President of the United States. As a consultant during the base closure process, he provided counsel and analysis to communities and local governments whose bases were targeted for closure by the Department of Defense or by the Commission. Mr. Hirsch continues to work with communities in the defense enhancement and economic development areas.


From 1985 to 1991, Mr. Hirsch served as a key operative in defining and justifying to Congress the multi-billion dollar construction and housing programs of the Departments of State and Air Force. He played an important part in the development and marketing of successful strategies that allowed high-level Department principals to better advocate facility and quality of life programs to the Congress. He provided advice and counsel to department political appointees and General Officers as an important member of their immediate staff. During this period, Mr. Hirsch served on Capitol Hill as a legislative assistant (LEGIS Fellow) utilizing his expertise for a Member of the House Appropriations Committee.


The years prior to 1985 were spent in the area of military real property, family housing and installations management for the Department of the Air Force at base, major command and headquarters level. He is thoroughly knowledgeable in Department of Defense installation management and economic security areas.


Mr. Hirsch received a BA from the University of West Florida. He is a member of the Association of Defense Communities (ADC); National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA); the Air Force Association (AFA) and the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME).

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