The Madison Government Affairs process involves four phases of action:

  1. Organizational Review

  2. Analysis and Recommendations

  3. Strategy Development

  4. Execution

At each of these phases, the recommendations and participation by you and your organization are critical. This involvement will include meetings in Washington with Members of Congress as well as Executive Department officials. It is our goal to maximize your valued time, and to minimize the impact on your day-to-day life.


Government Relations Strategy and Process 

The Four Phase Process


1. Organizational Review

This effort is accomplished through an on-site interview process with key members of your organization. The intended purpose is to obtain an intimate understanding of your organization and personnel; identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential Washington and community relationships. 


2. Analysis and Recommendations

The information and data obtained during the Organizational Review will be analyzed and compiled into a brief and presented to your organization. It is at this time that several recommendations will be presented for your consideration. These recommendations will include strategic communications, projects and programs designed to address your needs and aimed to help achieve your goals.


3. Strategy Development

Strategy development requires the creation of a Washington and community strategy to meet the agreed upon project(s) outcomes or programs. A detailed plan will be prepared by Madison Government Affairs based on the agreed upon objective. The strategy plan is a working document that will be changed as situations and circumstances require. It is at this phase as well as the next, that we will determine whom best to make our arguments to Members of Congress and the Executive Branch. In addition to the strategy plan, a "prospectus" or "project book" should be developed jointly that fully explains the project or program we will be seeking from Congress or the Executive Branch.


4. Execution

The Execution phase is critical to our success. Regardless of the quality of the strategy, if we cannot execute the plan we will not be successful. Madison Government Affairs will prepare you for the meetings with elected and appointed officials. We will conduct a strategy session before each visit and provide you with the necessary briefing and background materials. Our goal is to provide you the tools and information to be successful.


Madison Government Affairs believes that the process outlined above increases your chances to be successful in the Washington environment. This process combined with attention to detail and political access should lead to success. 

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