From The Mayor’s Desk – City Manager Neil Morgan to Retire

As many citizens are aware, the Newport News City Manager, Mr. Neil Morgan, is scheduled to retire at the end of this month. Mr. Morgan has held the position of City Manager since 2010, but has worked for the City of Newport News since 1986. During his nearly 27-year tenure with our City, Neil worked his way up through the ranks of our local government, which also happens to be his hometown and where he chose to raise his family.

Mr. Morgan started his career with the City in what was then the Department of Planning and Development as a Project Coordinator, later being promoted from that position to Senior Project Coordinator, Manager of Development, and Assistant Director of the department. From there he was promoted to Assistant City Manager in 1997 and Deputy City Manager in 2009. In August of 2009 he was made Acting City Manager and in February of 2010 he was named City Manager.

During his tenure as City Manager, Neil Morgan has overseen and been directly involved with countless positive improvements within our City. Major initiatives such as the implementation of the 311 Information Center, partnering with Newport News Shipbuilding on the new Apprentice School Project, redeveloping the lower Jefferson Avenue corridor, the new Denbigh Community Center, and improvements to upper Warwick Boulevard (to name a few). Earlier in his career, he worked alongside other City staff members to bring projects such as City Center and Port Warwick to fruition.

I would like to personally thank Neil for his many years of service to our City and citizens. His dedication to improving Newport News has been unwavering, as has his leadership to the City organization during a difficult financial period for this City and for this nation. Neil and his wife JoAnn are moving to the New River Valley later this year, where Neil has accepted a position with Virginia Tech.

Until such time that a new City Manager is selected by City Council, Assistant City Manager Cynthia Rohlf will serve as the Interim City Manager for Newport News.

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